Why We Do What We Do, Featuring Meg Garvin

This week, the Marsy's Law for All national organization hosted a very insightful event with National Crime Victims Law Institute Executive Director Meg Garvin. Garvin was joined by Marsy’s Law Senior Advisor Peter Flaherty to discuss how crime victims’ rights are being affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.  

Ms. Garvin is recognized as a leading expert on victims’ rights. She has testified before Congress, state legislatures, and the Judicial Proceedings Panel on Sexual Assault in the Military. In her expert capacity, she serves on the Defense Advisory Committee on Investigation, Prosecution, and Defense of Sexual Assault in the Armed Forces and on the Victims Advisory Group of the United States Sentencing Commission.


If you were unable to watch the live event, you can catch the recap here online here. 


While you're watching, check out this informational video as well. 


Please feel free to share these video to help educate others on the importance of crime victims' rights. Together, we can pass Marsy's Law in Iowa and achieve the mission of enshrining enforceable constitutional rights for victims and survivors throughout our nation.