Whispers of Love, Hope, & Joy are Guardians of Victims' Rights

We recently presented our “Guardian of Victims’ Rights” award to Pastor Deb Rensink, CEO and founder of Whispers of Love, Hope, & Joy located in Sioux Center, Iowa.


We have been working with Pastor Deb and her team at Whispers of Love, Hope, & Joy to strengthen the rights for all victims in Iowa. They have a wonderful organization that has a dedicated team who is working to make a positive impact and bringing healing for Iowa victims. Any time we need help and reach out to Pastor Deb, she is quick to respond and always keeps what is in the best interest of victims in mind. 



Pastor Deb said, “Iowa Victims need to know that if they are in a situation where they must escape, the justice system will treat them fairly. Crime victims are not provided enforceable rights in the state’s constitution and many domestic violence victims feel like the system favors their abuser. We can do better for Iowa victims, which is why Whispers of Love, Hope, & Joy supports Marsy’s Law for Iowa.


Whispers of Love, Hope, & Joy is a non-profit organization whose mission, through Christ, is to recapture the voices of women and children impacted by domestic violence. For more information, visit https://www.facebook.com/Whispersoflovehopejoy



Pictured here is member of the Whispers of Love, Hope, & Joy team receiving their award (from L to R): Ashley Schuiteman, Becky Leusink, and Pastor Deb Rensink.