Victim Survivors Take Center Stage

Last week, our Law Enforcement Coordinator Leah gave you an update on her travels during National Crime Victims' Rights Week, meeting with those who protect and serve, and building our support in communities across the state. 


This week, I wanted to provide you a recap of our outreach and support of victims during NCVRW. Our survivor coalition is strong and represents many different areas of the state. We knew NCVRW would be a special time to highlight the hard work and empowering voices of victim services, advocates, and survivors. As well as renew our commitment to crime victims’ rights.


For two weeks, we did just that. It was a whirlwind. 



We held two media events with survivors - this really put the focus of the week right where it needed to be - on them. The stories shared really resonated with Iowans - victims who know what it's like to feel less than their offender in our state's criminal justice system.

Their stories are powerful. They bring a voice to those who may not be able to speak up so freely. We are grateful for their constant support and push to make things better for other victims. 

We also presented numerous Guardian of Victims' Rights Awards to survivors. We really wanted to recognize those who have been the most outspoken on the need for change in Iowa – crime victims.

We lit up landmarks across the state purple to call attention to the week. It was a beautiful display and visual way to remember those who have been victims in Iowa and who do not have equal rights in our state constitution. 

Finally, we met at the capitol where we passed out purple flowers, again to bring attention to the week and the need for change. We met with gracious legislators and continued to advocate for Iowa crime victims. 


Thank you to everyone who helped with this year’s National Crime Victims’ Rights Week! We truly appreciate your time given to make this a very special week. We couldn’t have done this without your support. 


Sydney Fox

Advocacy Coordinator

[email protected]