The Ultimate Guardians

During National Crime Victims’ Rights Week, we wanted to honor a few Iowans with our “Guardian of Victims’ Rights Awards.” 

We have given these awards to legislators and victim organizations for their unwavering commitment to Iowa crime victims and the work to secure constitutional rights. 


During NCVRW, we wanted to recognize those who have been the most outspoken on the need for change in Iowa – crime victims themselves.














(Pictured here: survivor Jenn with ML4IA staff Sydney)
















(Pictured here: ML4IA staff Eric with survivor Shal and her daughter)


These six women have been involved in our coalition for many years. They've lent their voice in legislative subcommittee hearings, in newspapers, on TV news, with their friends and neighbors, at public meetings -  they have truly harnessed the terrible and tragic circumstances of their cases and are now using those stories to boldly pave the way and bring healing for other Iowa victims, now and in the future. 


(Pictured here: survivor Tiffany with Rep. Marti Anderson) 















(Pictured here: survivor Vicki with ML4IA staff Sydney)   















(Pictured here: ML4IA staff Eric, Marshalltown Police Chief Michael Tupper, survivors Leigh and Audrey, ML4IA staff Sydney)




Giving them this award and recognition hardly seems enough, given all they've been through and how hard they've worked on behalf of other victims. What they deserve most are constitutional rights. 


The honorees included:

Vicki Kuper, Scotch Grove

Jenn Pierce, Crescent

Shal Marie Winter, Davenport

Leigh Bauder, Marshalltown

Audrey Hartzler, Marshalltown

Tiffany Allison, Des Moines



The Marsy's Law for Iowa team is truly thankful for each and every one of these women, their strong and powerful voices and friendship. If you'd like to get more involved in our coalition, please reach out to Sydney at [email protected]