Tales from the Road - You Can Always Go Home

The old saying is true, "all roads lead home." Levi learned this one in our most recent Tales From the Road. 

My role with Marsy’s Law centers around bringing passionate voices to the statehouse and making sure they are heard by legislators. In order to find these voices, I often find myself traveling the state to meet with county attorneys.


Working with our county attorney coalition has continually been a rewarding part of my job. These attorneys work with victims of crime each day and understand just how important extending them further protections really is.

Recently, I had the opportunity to travel to my hometown, Jefferson, to meet with our new county attorney, Thomas Laehn. I had heard from my parents that there was a new county attorney who was working to prosecute many of the cases that had been neglected in the past. I was excited at the opportunity to meet with him and talk about our efforts to elevate the rights of Iowa’s crime victims.


Returning to Greene County to meet with our county attorney was a great reminder of just how widespread our efforts really are. There are few things more rewarding than feeling the support of your hometown community and their work to ensure victims of crime are heard.


Levi Larson

[email protected]