Tales from the Road - Fighting Together

Our Tales From the Road today reminds us that we're all working toward the same goal - protected rights for crime victims. It's great hitting the road and meeting with others who share our goals and finding new ways to work together. 

As a Field Director for Marsy’s Law for Iowa, I travel across the state discussing with Iowans about the need for constitutional rights for crime victims. I would like to highlight Clay County, when I met with their Assistant County Attorney, Travis Johnson, and Victim Witness Coordinator, Sheryl Lee. 


I was able to discuss with them about the rights Marsy’s Law wanted to elevate and glad to hear that they were supportive! We discussed their current situation on how they give attention to victims of crime by going above and beyond with following the statutory rights, making sure victims understand their rights and communicating updates, and making sure they receive resources and support as they move through the justice system.


It’s great to hear that they take a victims' rights at a statutory level so seriously. Unfortunately, that is something that isn’t seen throughout the entire state. A victim’s experience varies from county to county in our criminal justice system and not all Iowans are as lucky as those in Clay County. A victims' rights amendment will bring that same continuity throughout our state so no matter where you live, if you're a crime victim you are treated with dignity and respect by the justice system. 


Traveling all over the state and hearing each counties perspective on this has been an amazing experience. I am thankful for meetings like the one I had in Clay County. It reminds me that others are fighting just as hard as we are for victims of crime and their rights.

Sydney Fox

[email protected]