Tales from the Road - Chains Interrupted

Today's Tales From the Road post is a look back at an event we attended in Cedar Rapids where we were pleasantly surprised to find Iowans are more than willing to be the voice of others when it comes to doing what is right. 

In October, I had the pleasure of attending the Chains Interrupted Freedom Gala. This is an annual event that Chains Interrupted hosts to spread the word about efforts to fight human trafficking in Iowa and to raise funds to assist with recovery and assistance for survivors of human trafficking. Chains Interrupted was started by Teresa Davidson, of Cedar Rapids, IA, as a platform to educate others in the community on the issue of human trafficking. In addition, their group works to assist human trafficking survivors by providing a safe space, basic needs, or even transportation to a safe location if necessary. Working with Chains Interrupted is one of many hats that Teresa wears in the fight against human trafficking.

While attending the event, I had the opportunity to speak with community members from the northeastern part of the state. Our table had a robust conversation about victims’ rights and how Marsy’s Law for Iowa’s efforts may be of assistance to future victims of all types of crime, including human trafficking. While at the table, I learned of the community’s willingness to not only discuss the rights of crime victims, but members are also eager to advocate for these rights. The members of my table were moved to continue a conversation with others in their circles. Some were even moved to write to legislators they had connections with.

Attending this event was eye opening for me: there are Iowans who are ready to step up to the plate and make these rights a reality.


Mary Kate Leister

[email protected]