Survivor Strong

Des Moines, Dubuque, Ottumwa, Sheldon, Keota, Muscatine, Indianola…


Phew. It’s been a busy fall as the Marsy’s Law for Iowa team has hit the road over the past few weeks.


Sydney, our advocacy coordinator, has been meeting with many members of our survivor coalition at Survivor Meet Ups, in just about every corner of Iowa. At these meet ups, survivors have spent time sharing insights, being together and connecting with other survivors in the area, and gearing up for how the Survivor Coalition can mobilize for the legislative session which begins in January.

Our survivor coalition members are so incredibly strong. So many have found healing in sharing their story and being a part of this effort. Many have shared with us that they know Marsy’s Law would have made things better in their situation, and while that doesn’t help them now, they’re committed to those victims who may come after them have a better experience than they had. Wow – it’s just so impactful and moving to be surrounded by such incredible people.


We are starting to turn the corner and we continue gearing up for when lawmakers come back to Des Moines in January. Specifically, if you're a survivor, here are a couple ways you can help:

            -Share your story

            -Sign a letter to the editor

            -Complete a postcard packet

            -Contact your legislator by email, social media or in person

            -Recruit friends and family to join our efforts


Being involved in Marsy’s Law for Iowa’s survivor coalition is not time consuming. We know how incredibly busy everyone’s lives are and we have come up with simple, quick ways to be involved that still make a huge impact. Whether you’ve been sitting on the sidelines and watching the work we’ve been doing, or you’ve been helping us along the way – now is a great time to get involved or try a new task you haven’t tried.


If you have any questions or to get involved today, contact Sydney at [email protected] or 712.541.2718