Supporting Survivors During COVID-19

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to disrupt the lives of Iowans and Americans across the country, it's been evident that the situation is dire for those in domestic violence situations. 


Staying at home with abusers, the state of the economy and financial struggles have created new and increasingly tense situations. At the same time, shelters have been concerned about outbreaks of the virus.


What can be done? 


Well first of all, if you are in a bad situation there are places to turn - please seek help immediately. 


Additional resources are also locally available to help Iowans recover from this pandemic. COVID Recovery Iowa is providing free services to all Iowans - confidential counseling at no cost, activities for children, groups, stress management activities and skills to name a few. Call their 24/7 toll free hotline at 1-800-447-1985 or visit



The Office for Victims of Crime has put together this incredibly thorough guide.

And finally, information on how to support older survivors during COVD-19. They state, "As victim advocates and programs navigate supporting older survivors through the COVID-19 pandemic, collaboration, creativity, and compassion will be key. Socially isolated older adults are at a higher risk for abuse, but social distancing is not the same as isolation. Here are some tips for programs to consider when providing supports for older victims of crime and abuse in a time of social distancing." 


We will get through this... together.