Running Out of Time

Time is almost up on passing a crime victims rights amendment this session. The Iowa Legislature has self-imposed deadlines to help winnow their work called funnels. The first funnel week is coming up next week, so in order to keep our issue alive this session, it must be voted out of either the House or Senate Judiciary Committees by Feb. 18. 

Here's what you can do to help.


Reach out to members of the Judiciary Committees and respectfully ask them to keep the discussion on crime victims' rights in Iowa moving forward by passing House Study Bill 525 before the funnel deadline. 


House Judiciary Committee


Senate Judiciary Committee

Our current justice system in Iowa is broken and victims of crime are falling through the cracks every day. These are people who did not ask to be victims of crime and now their rights have been violated and they have no recourse. 


State law is no longer good enough, victims need constitutional rights. This would change the culture of the criminal justice system. It would ensure their rights are weighed and considered, that they are not overlooked or pushed aside. It would also make certain these rights are never diminished or changed in state law. 


Victims deserve dependable, consistent and fair rights, no matter where they live, and the guaranteed ability to seek justice for their victimization. House Study Bill 525 is our chance to provide justice for crime victims.