Rep. Jacobsen is a Guardian of Victims' Rights


We recently presented another “Guardian of Victims’ Rights” award, this time to to Rep. Jon Jacobsen (R-Council Bluffs) for his legislative efforts in helping advance crime victims’ rights.


Iowa crime victims’ know they have a strong advocate in Rep. Jacobsen. He has been a trustworthy, compassionate listener, always stopping to really understand a victims’ story. Iowa victims have found him to be a consistent and vocal legislator who has been dedicated to strengthening their rights.


“Giving Iowa crime victims a voice in the process is not a partisan issue. Giving crime victims a voice in the process is common sense and the right thing to do,” said Jacobsen. “No victim should be made to feel that their rights are less than the person who perpetrated the crime against them. I will continue working to move this legislation forward.”


Thank you Rep. Jacobsen to your commitment to victims' rights in Iowa.