Protecting and Serving

While the COVID-19 pandemic has shut down operations for many organizations around the state, the Marsy’s Law for Iowa law enforcement coalition has been expanding.  


Over the spring, summer and fall, our law enforcement coalition has added even more key, influential voices who are speaking up for victims and stand ready to help move legislation forward during the 2021 session.


This year, we have grown our coalition by 70 percent. These law enforcement experts represent more than 70 counties across the state – from smaller, rural cities to populated counties, and everywhere in between.  


When recounting their horrible experiences with the criminal justice system, nearly all of the victim survivors who have lent their voices to our efforts specifically point to the law enforcement involved in their case as the shining glimmer of hope.


Iowa survivor, Vicki credits one, single member of law enforcement for "keeping my family alive." She says this person was the only one in the entire criminal justice system who gave her the dignity, fairness and respect that she deserved. He helped to empower her, point her in the right direction and give her the confidence and power to assert herself in the system and say – the way I am being treated is WRONG.


And from talking to our law enforcement coalition, we know the number one reason they are signing on to our effort is because they work with Iowa crime victims every single day and they see firsthand just how poorly the criminal justice system is treating these victims without constitutional protections.


“We often get frustrated that the criminal has more rights than the victim, and that’s not right,” said Doug Timmons, Hamilton County Sheriff.

We stand arm-in-arm with law enforcement who is putting their lives on the line every day to protect Iowa crime victims and be their voice when they don’t have one. We will continue to build our coalition even more and show a unified front in the fight for victims’ rights.


Leah DeClerck

Law Enforcement Coordinator

Marsy's Law for Iowa