Our Coalition is Growing

We know many law enforcement members across our state have dedicated their careers to serving Iowa’s communities and victims of crime. As they protect small towns, rural communities, entire counties, large cities and everything in between, it’s not uncommon that they get to know those who become victims of crime on a personal level. Our organization understands that oftentimes members of the law enforcement community do more than simply investigate crimes; they are there for the victims and families, and even end up being their voice when they are
not in a position to be heard.


Currently, Iowa has statutory laws on the books to help protect victims of crime. These laws give victims the right to be notified of court proceedings, allow them the opportunity to be heard at sentencing and in parole considerations, the right to be notified of any release or escape of the accused, and the right to restitution.

Law enforcement members of the Marsy's Law for Iowa coalition know that in some circumstances, they find these laws are not good enough and they believe victims of crime deserve dignity and permanent rights enshrined in our state’s constitution.


The criminal justice system can honor both the accused and victims equally, without diminishing the rights of anyone, and give both parties security and justice. Crime can happen anywhere, regardless the size of your town and even in a state like Iowa. 


Our coalition has been growing as we have begun to pile up new endorsements from all across the state. 



If you know any law enforcement officials who are interested in joining our fight for victims' rights, I can be reached at [email protected]


They may also sign up online. 



Leah DeClerck

Law Enforcement Coordinator

Marsy's Law for Iowa