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Victim Survivors Take Center Stage

Last week, our Law Enforcement Coordinator Leah gave you an update on her travels during National Crime Victims' Rights Week, meeting with those who protect and serve, and building our support in communities across the state. 


This week, I wanted to provide you a recap of our outreach and support of victims during NCVRW. Our survivor coalition is strong and represents many different areas of the state. We knew NCVRW would be a special time to highlight the hard work and empowering voices of victim services, advocates, and survivors. As well as renew our commitment to crime victims’ rights.


For two weeks, we did just that. It was a whirlwind. 



Hittin' the Road with the Law Enforcement Coalition

It's been awhile since I've had the opportunity to have in person meetings with law enforcement officials, and boy have I missed it. 

The Ultimate Guardians

During National Crime Victims’ Rights Week, we wanted to honor a few Iowans with our “Guardian of Victims’ Rights Awards.” 

Their Voice When They Cannot Be Heard

Thank you Sheriff Van Renterghem, for your support of crime victims and Marsy's Law for Iowa.

NCVRW - A Time to Unite Our Voices

Thank you, Sheriff Raveling for your support of crime victims and Marsy's Law for Iowa. 

Use Your Voice During NCVRW

Our team has been hard at work, preparing for National Crime Victims’ Rights Week (NCVRW), April 18 – April 24. This is always an important week for Marsy’s Law – we recognize it’s a time to stop and honor crime victims with purposeful, impactful ways to let them know they are supported and seen.


Each year we look for new and different ways to honor victims during this special week, and help engage YOU, our supporters. Without your help, our recognition of all that victims have been through would go unnoticed.


We’re reaching out again, and asking for your help to show victims just how much we support them. We are hoping you might be willing to use your voice in support of victims during NCVRW.