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Not A Zero Sum Game

A Year With Marsy's Law

One year ago, our friends in Kentucky celebrated a victory - the people of the state voted for a crime victims' rights amendment. The Kentucky team and supporters shared a video about what the past year has meant for them and the positive impact Marsy's Law has had on their state. 

Survivor Strong

Des Moines, Dubuque, Ottumwa, Sheldon, Keota, Muscatine, Indianola…


Phew. It’s been a busy fall as the Marsy’s Law for Iowa team has hit the road over the past few weeks.

DV Awareness Month Partners

We've been talking a lot about Domestic Violence Awareness Month the past few weeks. During the month of October, we're working with our coalition members to see how we can be helpful and life their voices up, to show how anyone can become a victim of domestic violence and share resources on where to get help. 

Domestic Violence + Homlessness

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month across the country, a time to amplify the voices and survivors of domestic violence, and raise awareness of the issues they face each and every day. The Marsy's Law for Iowa team is spending the month meeting with our survivor coalition members from across the state, listening to their stories and working with them to truly make a change in Iowa. 

In Their Own Words - Shal-Marie

Nothing has been easy for Shal-Marie since she became a victim survivor. But that hasn't stopped her from pushing through, charting her own course, and being an outspoken advocate for victims. As you read Shal-Marie's, "In Their Own Words," remember that her story is painful and not uncommon. Iowa crime victims have felt pushed aside by our criminal justice system for too long. They deserve to be treated with dignity and respect. You can follow along on our Facebook page, to see live posts of our series. This week, we're sharing survivor Shal-Marie's message, and it's in her own words...