Use Your Voice During NCVRW

Our team has been hard at work, preparing for National Crime Victims’ Rights Week (NCVRW), April 18 – April 24. This is always an important week for Marsy’s Law – we recognize it’s a time to stop and honor crime victims with purposeful, impactful ways to let them know they are supported and seen.


Each year we look for new and different ways to honor victims during this special week, and help engage YOU, our supporters. Without your help, our recognition of all that victims have been through would go unnoticed.


We’re reaching out again, and asking for your help to show victims just how much we support them. We are hoping you might be willing to use your voice in support of victims during NCVRW.



Would you be willing to record a quick, 5 second video that we can use on our social media accounts? You can give a message to victims. Call out the need for victims’ rights in our state constitution. Let your friends know it’s NCVRW. Anything you want to show your support.  



  1. RECORD: Using your cell phone (or having someone record you on theirs), create a short video clip of yourself, stating your name/title and a brief message about NCVRW.

NOT SURE WHAT TO SAY? Use our example below:
“Hello, my name is ­­­­­­___ and I’m from ___. In honor of National Crime Victims’ Rights week, I am standing up in support of Iowa crime victims. Crime victims deserve justice, they deserve Marsy’s Law”




“Hello, my name is ­­­­­­___ and I’m from ___. During this National Crime Victims’ Rights Week, we honor survivors who have faced terrible circumstances. After all, no one asks to be the victim of a crime. Crime victims in Iowa deserve equal rights.”


  1. EMAIL: Once your video is finished, attach the recording to an email and send it to us at [email protected] You can also feel free to share this on your social media accounts during NCVRW.


We will keep updating you on oher ways you can get involved in our NCVRW effort this year – such as penning a letter to the editor of your local paper (we can help you with this), reaching out to your legislator and letting them know you support Marsy’s Law for Iowa or even simply sharing graphics on your social media pages.


Again, thank you for your continued support of Marsy’s Law for Iowa.