Meet the Interns

While things certainly look different for our interns this year because of COVID, we have been thankful for their help. We wanted to take a minute and introduce you to Kylie and Emily. 


I wanted to intern at Marsy’s Law because I was interested in not only what they are trying to
accomplish, but was interested in the process as well. Marsy’s Law for Iowa is looking to amend
the Iowa Constitution to include enumerated rights for victims of violent crimes. Currently,
Iowa is only one of fifteen states in the United States that does not have rights for victims at the
Constitutional level. 
As an intern I have been learning a lot about Iowa’s Legislative process and how bills are
passed. I have also been learning about how nonprofit organizations, like Marsy’s Law, contact
and talk to their legislatures, gain support from other organizations like law enforcement, and
spread their message across social media. 
I think that if anyone has the opportunity to intern at Marsy’s Law, in any state, they should
most definitely consider it. As an intern at Marsy’s Law you would be exposed to aspects of the
legal system, criminal justice system, and legislative system. This internship has also been
helpful with public speaking and speaking with strangers on an issue you’re working on. I
cannot wait to continue to learn and gain experience with Marsy’s Law for Iowa.




My name is Emily Andrews, I am a senior at Grand View University. I have a double major in
Criminal Justice, and Political Studies with a concentration in Pre-Law. I also have two minors
which are Psychology and Sociology. 

I was drawn to Marsy's Law on the bases of it being a nonprofit advocacy for survivors of
violent crimes. I am wanting to go to law school after I graduate this spring, so Marsy's Law was
letting me dip my toe in the legal/advocacy side of the Criminal Justice system. I hadn't had
much real-world application, so this allowed me that. I was also drawn to Marsy's Law, because
I want to use my law degree to work with survivors to begin with, so this let me see how much
this means to individuals. 

Currently, we are working on a couple of big projects, one of them is GoPurple which is where
we are doing community outreach to get businesses, and others to light up their building purple
during April, for National Crime Victims Rights Week.


Thanks again, Kylie and Emily, for all the work you've put in to help our organization. We appreciate you. 


If you're interested in learning more about our internship opportunities, please reach out to Eric at [email protected]