Meet Sydney


Hello! My name is Sydney Fox and I am one of the Field Directors for Marsy’s Law for Iowa. I work primarily in the Western region of Iowa, where I meet with Iowans to discuss why a crime victims' rights amendment is needed for our state.


I am a 2019 graduate from Iowa State University, with a degree in Psychology, Criminal Justice, and Sociology. I worked in psychology labs, where my interest in cognitive psychology flourished. My interests in cognitive psychology and the criminal justice system made me want to continue on in my education, working towards my PhD in Trauma Psychology, while focusing on long term effects victims of sexual assault experience.


My internship consisted of working at Polk County Crisis and Advocacy as an advocate for victims of violent crimes. My work primarily focused on victims of sexual assault and domestic violence. This internship took me from what I learned in the classroom and gave me the real world experience that I was looking for. My internship was a turning point in my career goals and where I decided I wanted to direct my future to work closely with victims of violent crimes and the criminal justice system. I hope my future endeavors consist of working towards a law degree, in addition to continuing to work with crime victims.


I enjoyed my adventures at Iowa State, and am excited for this new adventure traveling the Western part of Iowa and educating others on Marsy’s Law.


I look forward to meeting you soon and discussing our mutual interest and care for victims of violent crimes!




You can reach me at: [email protected]