Marsy’s Law for Iowa Supporters Call for Legislative Action


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Marsy’s Law for Iowa Supporters Call for Legislative Action


DES MOINES, Iowa (April 18, 2018) —One day after the scheduled adjournment of the legislative session, Marsy’s Law for Iowa supporters gathered at the capitol to call on legislators to take up Marsy’s Law for Iowa, placing basic rights for crime victims in Iowa’s Constitution. 

“As a survivor advocate, I, unfortunately, have experience trying to navigate a justice system that puts the rights of offenders above the rights of crime victims,” said Gina Battani, from Johnston. “It’s time for victims to be granted the same treatment as the accused. Simply knowing that we will have the same equal rights as our offenders is so essential to healing, and will never be achieved by statutes alone.”

Senate Joint Resolution 2010 and House Joint Resolution 2010 are companion bills that have passed through their respective committees and await consideration. The proposed permanent provisions would give crime victims:

o   The right to be heard with notice of all proceedings

o   The right to be heard in any proceeding involving release, pleas, sentencing, deposition, and parole

o   The right to reasonable protection from the accused

o   The right to reasonable notice of any release or escape of the convicted

o   The right to restitution resulting from the financial impact of the crime 

“Marsy’s Law for Iowa coalition members believe this legislation is a commonsense, Iowa solution to providing justice for crime victims,” said Eric Baker, Marsy’s Law for Iowa state director. “We’re appreciative of legislators who have moved this bill through the process and we’re here today to show encouragement and support for legislators considering action before adjournment.” 

Recent polling shows 85 percent of Iowans support adding protections for victims to Iowa’s constitution.




Marsy’s Law for Iowa is a grassroots coalition committed to giving victims of crime equal constitutional rights and protections in our state. Marsy’s Law is named after Marsalee “Marsy” Nicholas of California who was stalked and killed by her ex-boyfriend in 1983. Only a week after her murder, Marsy’s mother and brother walked into a grocery store where they were confronted by the accused murderer. The family had no idea he had been released on bail. For more information, please visit and follow us on Facebook and Twitter.