Marsy’s Law for Iowa Features “Highlight the Right” Campaign





DES MOINES, Iowa (Jan. 19, 2021) —For the past two months, Marsy’s Law for Iowa has engaged in a “Highlight the Right” campaign, which utilizes social media, informative videos and live discussions to outline the proposal for a crime victim rights amendment to the state constitution.



The goal of the Highlight the Right effort was to show Iowans that the current law on the books is not enough and gives victims a false sense of access to justice. Current law does not provide participatory rights for the victim prior to conviction, safety and privacy during the criminal justice process or standing to enforce their rights, leaving them no recourse if their rights are violated.


“For years, Iowans who become victims of crime have been suffering. They feel their rights are less than their perpetrators and there is no recourse for them,” said Eric Baker, Marsy’s Law for Iowa State Director. “Our coalition of victim voices, law enforcement and county attorneys wanted to provide real-world experience and information directly to Iowans, showcasing just how impactful a victim rights amendment would be for Iowans.” 


Iowa is in the minority of states that does not give constitutional rights for crime victims.


The campaign began on Nov. 9, and outlined a new right each week, diving into the details of their 2021 proposal – 13 rights in all. 


The featured rights include:




Confer with government attorney


Notice of proceedings

Notice of release


Dignity, respect & fairness

Free from intimidation

Reasonable protection

Safety of the victim

Timely disposition of the case


To see a full explanation of the right and why it is needed in Iowa, please visit the Marsy’s Law for Iowa website.