Iowa Voters Overwhelmingly Support Equal Rights for Victims

When it comes to politics, polling and legislation, Iowans are a sharp bunch. Every four years those who want to become president come and meet at Iowans’ kitchen tables, in our coffee shops and at the local co-op. The deliberation and thoughtfulness that Iowans put into picking their candidates and weighing in on important legislation is often commented on by outsiders and national news media.


In an effort to take the pulse of Iowans on Marsy’s Law, our organization recently conducted statewide polling – asking Iowans directly if they would support a constitutional amendment creating equal rights for crime victims. The answer was an overwhelming YES - 85 percent of Iowans indicated their support for Marsy’s Law. In fact, only 11 percent of respondents opposed the legislation. Moreover, 82 percent of Democrats, 88 percent of Republicans and 86 percent of Independent are in favor of the change. There is also broad support of Marsy’s Law in Iowa regardless of gender.  Additional findings show that the voting behavior of Iowans will be impacted by a legislator’s position on the amendment.

Significant support for Marsy’s Law proponents:

  • 45 percent of Iowans say their legislators’ support FOR Marsy’s Law will affect how they vote in the election
  • Among those Iowans, 84 percent would be MORE LIKELY to vote for legislators who SUPPORT Marsy’s Law

Opposition for Marsy’s Law opponents:

  • 48 percent of Iowans say their legislators’ opposition to Marsy’s Law will affect how they vote in the election
  • Among those voters, 87.5 percent of Iowans would be LESS LIKELY to vote for legislators who OPPOSE Marsy’s Law

It certainly feels like our society is becoming more polarized and at times there are very few issues anyone can agree on. Putting constitutional protections for victims in Iowa’s fundamental charter is one of those rare issues that finds support across all sectors of our state—rural/urban, man/woman, Republican/Democratic. The time has come for Iowa to treat victims with the dignity and respect they deserve and secure their rights permanently in our constitution.


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