Hard Working Interns

Now that summer has come and gone and all the kids are back at school, we wanted to share an update from our interns who were with us for the summer. These students (both college and high school) brought a ton of enthusiasm, determination and FUN to our office over the past few months. They absolutely made a difference in our efforts. While we are sad to see them go we know they have great futures ahead of them.


We asked one of our interns, Dylan, to share some insights on his experiences with us this summer. If you might be interested in interning with us during any time of the year, please contact Sarah at [email protected] for more information.



Hello! My name is Dylan and I was a communication’s intern for Marsy’s Law for Iowa this summer. I was responsible for helping maintain our public image across various social media platforms, event planning and working with the political team. Essentially, I did a little bit of everything with Marsy’s Law for Iowa.

Interns Dylan and Senija at the state capitol in Des Moines


I am a senior at Iowa State University. My major is journalism and mass communications, along with a minor in general business. I started interning with Marsy’s Law for Iowa in late May of this year and spent over 400 hours stationed inside their Des Moines headquarters. During my internship, I had the chance to work with all Marsy’s Law for Iowa staff and learn about each team member and their role. Every week I was given a new task to complete. Perhaps the most important aspect of my internship has been learning how to work in a professional setting.


Intern Grace at the National Night Out event in Urbandale


The best part about my job was traveling with the field staff and seeing exactly how the “front lines” look. Sitting down with police chiefs, city council members, county attorneys, and others, you really see how the application of Marsy’s Law will affect people in the community. There is a sense of purpose and fulfillment that comes with working toward amending your state’s constitution to benefit crime victims/survivors.


Throughout my internship, I was able to produce a video encompassing the purpose of Marsy’s Law, along with talking to various city council members and community stakeholders across the state. I helped plan an event – the Marsy’s Law for Iowa booth at the Iowa State Fair – and contributed content for all social media platforms. My most memorable experience of the summer was touring the Iowa State Capitol, something I had not done since my seventh-grade civics class. Returning for the very same tour was not only refreshing but more interesting this time around.


The biggest takeaway from my internship with Marsy’s Law for Iowa was just how much a simple idea can impact everyone around you. Introducing a victims’ rights amendment is something that not only should happen but also needs to happen.

Intern Senija hits the road with a stop at the Hardin County Courthouse

In 2017 alone, there were approximately 5,000 aggravated assaults in Iowa. Marsy’s Law ensures that every one of those victims is not only protected but given a voice in the process, which they sometimes do not currently have. My dream is to be a professional sport’s writer/commentator, so when I saw an opening to help impact our community for the foreseeable future, I jumped on this opportunity.


Like I mentioned previously, I spent 400 hours with the employees of Marsy’s Law – my entire summer – and I can tell you this team cares about every single person who has been a victim of a violent crime. It has truly been an honor to work with these people. I strongly urge anyone reading this to contact their local legislator, sign our online petition and most importantly – spread awareness. No one thinks about being a victim of a violent crime until it happens to them.



Again, thank you to Dylan, Senija, Grace and Kameron for your help this summer.