Guardian of Victims' Rights

Recently we announced we would be presenting the “Guardian of Victims’ Rights” awards to Iowa leaders who have been instrumental in fighting for crime victims’ rights. We presented the first award to Rep. Marti Anderson (D-Des Moines) for her lifelong dedication to helping advance crime victims’ rights.


It’s only fitting that Rep. Anderson is the first honoree of the Guardian of Victims’ Rights award as her entire working life has been committed to helping victims of crime. Whether it was her time as a social worker, director of the Polk County Victim Services or the founding director of the Iowa Attorney General’s Crime Victim Assistance Division, no one brings more dedication or experience to this issue than Marti.


Our team was able to present the award to Rep. Anderson at her legislative coffee. Pictured here presenting the award is Marsy’s Law for Iowa supporter Tiffany Allison from Des Moines, Marsy’s Law for Iowa victim coordinator Mary Kate Leister, Marsy’s Law for Iowa political director Sarah Shambrook, and Rep. Marti Anderson.




Rep. Anderson said, “Throughout my professional career, I’ve worked with victims, advocates, and lawmakers to establish rights and services for crime victims. What is needed now is permanency and constitutional standing for those legal rights. We cannot chance that a future legislature will take away a victim's right to be notified, present, and heard regarding the criminal case. We must take the next step and pass a crime victims’ rights amendment to our constitution.”


Thanks for all you do for crime victims, Rep. Anderson!