Making Your Voice Heard...Digitally

Legislators care about their constituents (YOU) and the issues you care about! When a legislator hears about an issue from their constituents, it sends a message that this issue is important.




Iowa is falling behind on crime victims’ rights and we need your help to make sure legislators know their constituents want victims and survivors to have constitutional protections. Recording a short video urging Legislators to support constitutional rights for victims and survivors of crime in Iowa is a quick and easy way you can make your voice heard. We will compile these videos and format them into a digital postcard to be sent to legislators when they return to the capitol this winter. 


1. RECORD: Using your cell phone, create a short video clip of yourself including your name, city, and 1-2 sentences supporting Marsy’s Law

NOT SURE WHAT TO SAY? Use our example below:
“Hello, my name is ___ and I’m from ___. I am urging you to pass meaningful
constitutional rights for victims of crime. This issue is very important to me
and it is time victims of crime have constitutional protections in Iowa. Thank


2. EMAIL: Once your video is finished, attach the recording to an email and send it to us at [email protected]


3. KEEP IT GOING: Reach out to friends, family, coworkers, or anyone you know who lives in Iowa and ask them to record a video as well! The more digital postcards legislators receive, the more our issue comes to the forefront. 



Check out some examples from our supporters.